Congratulations to all our past graduates at Dr Du Education for their hard work and excellent achievements.

Our sincerest gratitude to all students and parents for their unwavering effort and support!

  • The teaching method and ethics is so amazing and inspiring to all of us. Thank you for teaching me not only maths but attitudes to work and study.

    - Sharon C. (2013)

  • Thank you for the invaluable knowledge you have imparted onto me.

    - Lisa W. (2015)

  • Every lesson was so effective in helping my Understanding, Speed and Accuracy.

    - Jenny B. (2014)

  • I am very grateful and appreciative because Dr Du Coaching classes has allowed me to confidently stay ahead of the cohort.

    - Jennifer F. (2013)

  • The entire team at Dr Du works so well together that their students always perform at the best.

    - B. Wu (2015)

  • The teachers and staff offered me support and encouragement when everything seemed so hard.

    - Malang S. (2013)

  • Dr Du has been my mentor and inspired me to work harder towards my goal.

    - Yun Qing W. (2013)

  • Every lesson has been fun and I will be forever thankful for the guidance Dr Du Coaching has given me.

    - Katrina W. (2013)